(this works even if you hate promoting yourself or being salesy)

Do you know that most consultants believe that work must come by referrals and word of mouth?

Here’s the problem you face: ,,getting new clients cold is near to impossible and knowing someone on the inside of companies is often the only way to getting key meetings with decision makers. Which means that you work for the same clients time and time again without opportunity to expand your client base.

Luckily for you, there are millions of people on ,,LinkedIn with a problem that you can solve. Since you have a valuable solution to offer, then conversations can be started with your ideal client every single day.

Step One – identify your ideal clients and key person of interest via LinkedIn search criteria

Step Two – add new people everyday with a warm introduction

Step Three – ,,offer some of your free advice, tools, ebooks, webinars or training to open the conversation

Step Four – invite them to a short call where you can diagnose their problem in more detail and ,,offer advice

Step Five – ask them if they want help solving it.

,,The BEST thing about this process is you do NOT need to be salesy, extroverted.

Here’s to your best year in 2021 !

How to Generate Conversations With Your Ideal Clients Every Day, Ideal Clients