As experts, we have solutions for other people’s problems.

However, getting others to buy our solution becomes hard work.

We don’t like to pitch our work.

Emailing or sending messages to others seems spammy and salesy.

It feels cheapening to our expertise to have to ask others to buy from us.

Why can’t we just create solutions and allow others to come to us when they need us?

The problem is that many people in the world who NEED our solutions do not know we even exist.

And so marketing and sales are necessary to become known and become seen.

How can we market and sell our expertise without seeming like we are marketing and selling?

This is the dream right?

How can we get our solutions known without being the annoying vendor hawking their product or service in other people’s faces?

The solution lies in storytelling.

Let me explain.

No one likes to be told, and no one likes to be sold. But everyone loves a good story.

Stories set up a character with a problem, seeking a solution.

Good stories show how the character battles through their problem to find a solution.

Stories create empathy and empathy creates listening.

If people can see their own desires and challenges played out, they are more likely to become invested in the ensuing battle and solution created.

If your prospect reads or watches the story of your solution, they can begin to get excited about solving the problem for themselves.

If your prospect has the chance to read or watch several stories about people like themselves battling with a problem and overcoming to achieve a desired solution. …..

…they begin to feel that working with you is their own idea.

You see stories well told, manage to sell without selling.

If you would like to tell more powerful stories with your marketing and sales development.

And by this I mean stories in your outreach messaging, stories in your sales content, stories on your website, stories in your social media and stories in your advertising,

The comment below and we can set up a short conversation.

How To Make Them Feel Working With You Their Idea - Selling Without Selling |  Jen Bishop Consulting best lead generation agency in London UK