If you are turning over $500k or more per year and you are generating B2B leads via word of mouth, referral, networking, events, etc.

Then you will want to win more $10k – $100k new business clients regularly.

Perhaps you have invested in cold outreach to control your lead flow and build a pipeline of new business.

However, hours of your time and your sales reps’ time is taken up with simply researching and validating data, setting up and running campaigns.

Maybe you’ve found cold outreach doesn’t work at all?

I want to share with you how you can win back 70% of your time so you can focus on taking more calls, submitting more proposals, and closing new deals.

To give you a picture of how this works, Greg Cowan of Nawoc Consulting managed to fill his pipeline with $150k of new business in the first three months of following our process.

UCEA Private Family Office is regularly booking 10 calls each week [that’s 40+ per month] with email alone following our system.

Tim Benson from Netscore Prosold $2m of new business in just 2 months using a combination of Facebook Ads, LinkedIn, and calling leads.

Who Am I? I’m Jen Bishop and Since 2020, I have helped 100 clients leverage cold outreach across LinkedIn and email to successfully fill their pipeline with new deals.

With a background in non-profit events, partnerships, and fundraising, I learned the power of LinkedIn and cold email to reach and engage B2B decision-makers, and am passionate about helping other business owners do the same.

We at Jen Bishop Consulting Ltd have seen 100% growth year on year using the principles we apply to help our clients generate new business.

What I have learned is that B2B leads worth $10k – $100k [or $1m] are won by authority building, relationship, education, and lead nurture.

Proposals can of course be won in a day, however, generally, lead-to-sale time takes 60 days or more and sometimes up to a year or longer.

A good rule of thumb for a growth budget is 10% of annual revenue and this will cover content, website, SEO, paid advertising, events, and more.

Lead generation, prospecting, and sales development are generally costed as 3% of annual revenue, 30% of the growth budget.

With this level of attention, you will regularly be investing in your network, engaging leads and moving these leads through your funnel.

Having many conversations at various stages of development is critical to have a healthy pipeline of potential business.

However, 70% of your sales development time can easily be spent researching leads, validating data, setting up and sending campaigns, managing spam traps and domain health, replying to messages and following up leads simply to get the first call.

To be time efficient perhaps you’re buying lists of data and leveraging automation tools however purchased lists are never truly fresh and generally become less and less relevant as days and months pass.

Not to mention bought lists are sold to your competitors and quickly become tired of the same pitches and messages.

Good data, good deliverability, healthy domain and IP maintenance, good open rates, good reply rates, and of course good call booking rates are all hard to maintain.

Designing strong campaigns, tracking, and split testing copy and targeting are key to success.

Sounds exhausting right?

This is where we come in. We are your sales development and prospecting partners who can create daily custom lists with fresh and valid data based on your ideal client profile [no buying batched lists].

We can set up, send, and reply to email and LinkedIn messages. This includes purchasing and managing domains, monitoring IP health, and inbox deliverability.

We track, measure, and manage open rates, reply rates, and call booking rates, giving you insights on market-message resonance and split-tested campaign metrics.

With just 3% of your annual revenue [more or less], we give you back 70% of your time to focus on other areas of growth, handling client projects, creating thought leadership content, and most notably handling new prospect meetings, submitting proposals, and closing deals.

With us as your sales development partners, you can accelerate your new business growth into 2024 and beyond.

So if you are a B2B service provider making $500k per year or more and you want to grow your new business pipeline using LinkedIn and cold email,

And you would like to focus on taking more calls and generating more deals in your pipeline, then simply comment below and we can chat more.

How To Win Back 70% of Your Sales Development Time And Focus On Closing Deals | Jen Bishop Consulting best lead generation agency in London UK