When we’re cold emailing, we don’t have the luxury of sending them an essay.

Watch the video training on this here.

We have to be short, get to the point, and start a conversation.

Ask yourself:

“How can I sell my product in only 3 sentences?”

You just have to answer these 3 questions…

  • How did I find you? [Why?]
  • What am I selling? [Offer]
  • Would you like to talk more about it? [Call to action].

If you can find an effective way to answer all three of those questions, then you will have a winning cold email campaign on your hands.

I created a short 10 min training on how you can create a winning cold email in 3 sentences. To watch the full training click here.

ps. Credit to Andrew Hoduckavitch for the 3 sentence email formula.

How To Write A Winning Cold Email in 3 Sentences