This week I interviewed a client Uche Ezichi, a leadership coach in the financial services sector.

Uche specialises in resilience and diversity training for senior executives and recently won a £50k pilot, part of a larger £200k contract.

Check out the video below to hear how:

  • Uche met me when he was relying on associate work and word of mouth/referrals entirely
  • Together we build a strategy and predictable system using cold outreach across LinkedIn and email
  • Uche was able to close a totally cold client and win 2 x executive coaching clients recouping the cost of his investment with me
  • Uche two leadership workshops in the pipeline with two other financial institutions
  • Uche is able to turn away work now to focus on client work he enjoys
How Uche Won a £50k Pilot and a £200k Contract Through LinkedIn

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