Prospects come to us asking for help to generate leads.

They do not have a consistent pipeline of new deals to draw on.

They lack sufficient time to generate leads.

However, if prospects have tried cold outreach, it doesn’t work for them.

And if they come to us to practice some dark arts of marketing and sales to bring them the business, they cannot generate for themselves-

The reality is that its’ probably an offer design problem.

A product market fit problem.

Marketing and sales are like the flowers at the top of the stems of plants.

They are the fruit that attracts the birds and the bees to the business.

The real value lies far beneath the surface, something very powerful but often unseen.

The DNA of their seeds determine what they look and smell like, and the roots deep in the soil ensure they have the nutrients and strength to grow tall and strong.

We cannot doctor the flowers and petals and hope they grow differently.

We have to get to the root of the matter.

The same with fixing an offer-design problem.

A new Instagram tactic, LinkedIn post, or YouTube short won’t fix an offer-design problem.

Messages resonate with audiences when they have roots in services and solutions to deeply painful and challenging problems.

The message can be clearly stated and sound like the most beautiful music in the ears of the one who hears it or the most beautiful flower to the eyes that see it.

Strong offers have a DNA that fixes, heals, and mends deeply troubling problems.

Is your business like a hospital fixing deeply painful problems for your target demographic?

If it is not, or if your target demographic is not responding to your offer, you may need to go back and listen more closely to the market’s needs and wants.

Is your marketing message like food and drink to your audience?

Do they consume it like it’s nourishing their soul and solving a deep heartfelt yearning?

If not, you need to inhabit the community of your market for more time and understand more intimately what they want and need.

Think about the size of the business, its maturity, current problems, what they are doing to fix the problem, what they are investing in, or what they have tried.

Have you created something that creates a guaranteed result they are looking for? Or is it a result YOU think they should be looking for?

What do THEY want [forget what you think they want]?

Once these offer design questions are solved at the DNA level, you plant lots of flowers.

And you know that the flowers that grow will attract the right bees.

No gimmick tactic will solve a problem that comes from the roots.

Iterating Your Offer For Product Market Fit | Jen Bishop consulting best lead generation agency and marketing lead generation