All LinkedIn lead generation strategies start with one foundational element – optimise your profile.

By this I mean, fill out your LinkedIn profile in such a way that within 30 seconds of looking at it, your target audience will know exactly how you can help them.

There are a few elements to an optimised profile that will help with such immediate recognition:

  1. Don’t make it about you, make it about them.

By this I mean, your LinkedIn profile is not a CV or a bio.

Emphasise who you help and what benefits and outcomes you create for your target demographic.

There is no greater place to state this than in your bio, the short sentence that sits under your name and profile pic.

This bio is the first thing people see when you comment, like, or share a post or when your profile is recommended to them as someone they should connect with.

This bio is not your role title or your skills – this is a sentence stating who you help and what outcomes you create.

2. Use your real estate

Use your banner image, your profile picture, your featured articles, your about section, your experience section, your skills, and your recommendations.

Use every single inch of real estate on your profile to back up the fact that you create benefits and outcomes for a distinct group of people.

Your ‘About’ section is a great space to add how you work with people, your methodology, and a list of the results you have created with past clients.

Your ‘featured articles’ section is a great place to link testimonials, case studies, and other key content about how you create results.

Use every possible inch of your profile to advance the message about the results you create.

3. Have a call to action

List your email address or telephone number and invite people to contact you if they want to find out more.

Make it super easy for people to engage with you, talk to you, book a time in your diary, check out more about you etc.

It’s amazing how many people do not simply invite visitors to their profile to connect or give instructions on how to find out more.

Be invitational and you will be surprised who reaches out to you to find out more.

These are just a few simple steps of how you can optimise your LinkedIn profile.

Optimsining Your Profile On LinkedIn