Sales Navigator is the premium feature of LinkedIn which permits detailed searches, list creation and a higher number of outreach connections. At the time of writing an annual subscription is about $780 USD per year and is well worth the investment for your business.

The tool which boasts double the search fields of the free LinkedIn account, facilitates a lead list creation that can be more highly targeted and specific. This means the type of people you target on LinkedIn are more likely to accept your connection request and are more likely to respond to your messaging and offer. By connecting with the right people, your energy and time investment in conversations and calls will be more fruitful as your offer, product or service will speak directly to a felt need.

Everything across your marketing and selling will become sharper and more fruitful when you are able to narrow in and create a very specific lead list.

I have recently created a 30 min FREE training on how to create a hyper targeted list of leas using Sales Navigator. To access the free training please simply click the link below:

Click here to access the FREE Training.

Sales Navigator Lead List Creation FREE Training