When selling to companies, as to individuals, it is critical to align your offer messaging with the objectives and goals of the prospective client. This requires not only knowing the objectives and goals but also the deeper desires and motivations that underpin these goals.

When a consultant is offering sustainability, wellness, life coaching, speaking skills or design to a corporate, connecting to what the company deeply wants can be an extra challenge. Believing your product or service is good in and of itself, good for the planet or good for people, will not be effective unless the service is also connected to business goals.

In short we cannot sell what we think a company needs, we can only sell what a company wants and then deliver what they need.

Company objectives can be reduced to three broad categories:

  • Profit
  • Productivity
  • Profile

If you are selling Fung Shui consulting services to companies your offer messaging can state:

“I help companies design work spaces that stimulate productivity and innovation.”

Sell what they WANT, give them what they NEED.

Similarly, if you are selling sustainability consulting to companies, your offer messaging can state:

“I help corporates evaluate their impact on the community and environment, ensuring the long term profitability of the company and raising the profile of the firm as responsible and ethical.”

In short, when pitching your product or service, do not offer a company what you think they need, offer them what you know they want, and then deliver what they need.