Our newsfeed gets noisy with everyone promoting their products and services, and all the notifications from their activity.

A strategy for LinkedIn very much depends on what you want to achieve.

Are you looking to change jobs? [Is LinkedIn your CV and job site?]

Are you looking to connect with and keep in touch with existing connections and not much more? [More like Facebook].

Are you looking to share your thought leadership, host and attend events, and grow your brand awareness [much more like Twitter or traditional offline networking and conference attendance].

If you are looking to actively grow your business then GROWING your LinkedIn network is the best strategy.

Even if you keep your own LinkedIn network tightly curated, those who you connect with might have a huge network.

So while you feel connected to them, they lose you and your content in the crowd.

As a result, keeping your LinkedIn network small only serves you and your tastes. It means you’re not bothered by others and your newsfeed and notifications are not noisy.

However, if you want THEM to see you and your content, keeping a small network is NOT the best strategy.

Each new connection gives you access to more and more 2nd and 3rd degree connections, essentially making the globe a smaller place for you to navigate.

Yes you’ll receive more inbound pitches, see more in your newsfeed and get more noise online.

However you can manage notifications inside your settings to reduce the noise online.

If you would like help to optimize your LinkedIn profile, grow your network, improve your content and generate more leads and partners, then comment below and we can set up a short conversation.

Should I Keep My LinkedIn Network Small and Tight Knit? |  Jen Bishop Consulting best lead generation agency in London UK