Is mindset all manifestation fluff or is it critical to business and life success?

In my experience, a bad mindset is a silent killer in business particularly when you seek to grow.

I call it the silent killer because it’s rarely the reason we think our business is not growing.

We THINK we need more leads, more sales, or we need a secret outreach message formula or a better brand design or website and so on and so forth to infinity

We rarely sign up to a coaching programme or business course to examine or fix our mindset – do we?

We usually sign up to a self-help coaching programme to fix mindset but not a business programme – right?

For example, I hate putting my face on camera. I’m naturally an introverted extrovert and hate to see my face on a large screen or hear my voice on a recording.

Yet being a coach or consultant, particularly where my name IS my brand, and where I’m generating clients on social media, unfortunately showing my face is something I have to push myself to do.

I have to share Facebook stories, Facebook posts, LinkedIn posts, and regular emails to my list and now I have a Facebook group – lives in the group.

I’ve procrastinated and turned away from the very thing that will engage my ideal client in a relationship with me and bring me business.

Almost daily I talk to business owners who are averse to selling or cold outreach because they are super uncomfortable about hearing any ‘NO’s that come with that.

I know myself, I’ve been on sales calls where I secretly hope people do NOT sign up because I don’t feel worthy of helping them – like if they give me money I’m suddenly under this massive weight of expectation and responsibility to help them succeed.

All of these are mindset issues and you can see how they counteract the many small actions daily required to run a business:

  • Putting yourself out there, telling your story and building relationships with your ideal clients
  • Making offers and hearing a ‘NO’
  • Setting a high price and taking payment confidently knowing you can create a happy client

Good business coaching programmes like professional sports training programmes have a strong component of mindset work because they know that growth requires new beliefs and behaviour patterns.

Little shifts in mindset requires turning attention away from what others think towards the self – with an intent to build up the self as a machine ready to perform feats of endurance at a higher level.

This can be as simple as correcting simple decisions like putting good food in your body, hydrating properly, getting good sleep and cutting out toxins.

Simple self care not only balances the physiology and optimises your mood and concentration but also means you have the energy to turn up and do the hard stuff.

When you turn your attention to yourself in this way means you prioritise the building of your skills and resources as well as defining and defending your boundaries in a healthy way.

By investing in yourself something else grows – a natural expectation of yourself that you can turn up each day and execute difficult tasks.

You’re building your own worthiness.

A natural extension of this is the expectation that others will invest in you, to trust your opinion, to give you money in exchange for your services.

Like a frog in a kettle who doesn’t know she is too hot until it’s too late – you find that slowly slowly your self worth, self trust and self confidence grows so that you can turn up and do the actions and activities that build a business and succeed.

It means you will keep working despite the barren times and low periods when nothing seems to be happening.

It means you put yourself on a platform despite self-consciousness and fear.

It means you can handle knock backs, rejection, ghosting, angry strangers, bad clients and more.

In fact, failure becomes your friend because if/ when you fail you realise it’s not the crushing end that you perceived it to be.

It and it no longer has any power over you. It empowers you to try again and keep working, this time with the insight and learning you gained from experience.

Finally you begin to see others around you in a new light.

When you start to just show up and do the world, you begin to see with clarity how incredibly common it is that people – are disorganised, are flaky, procrastinate, avoid difficult conversations, ghost others, lack focus, scatter their energies, talk big and do not follow through.

On the other hand you now – turn up every day, do the micro steps required to build a business, be diligent despite the day or time, communicate fairly and clearly even with others don’t, stay late and do the extra work, learn and improve.

Most importantly you execute !!

Success in business is not easy, but it’s simple.

Solve a problem for someone, find people who have this problem, make offers, deliver solutions, REPEAT.

What mindset challenges have you overcome and how did you overcome them?

The Importance of Mindset In Business