In the B2B space, paid ads are not the most common way of securing business.

Why so?

Because when businesses need services they tend to think about:

  • who they know,
  • who is an authority in their space,
  • who they have done business with before,
  • who their competitors are doing business with

Business-to-business search and decision-making are generally done by a committee – the direct budget holder, the person they report to, the finance department, the procurement team, and sometimes more.

Basically, you need to convince the committee.

How better to convince the committee than to become the ‘known entity”?!

This is why building your authority, becoming the known go-to person, building relationships, networking, and thought leadership is so critical in the B2B space.

This is also why conferences and PR yield so much business opportunity.

Becoming a thought leader in your sector creates an instant demand and trust in your abilities.

Moreover, the opportunity to meet and build relationships with people means you become the ‘’known entity” therefore, more likely to be shortlisted for your services.

This is why LinkedIn is such a powerful B2B tool.

LinkedIn more than any other social platform, is a networking and authority-building tool, like conferences 24/7.

The search and filter features of Sales Navigator mean you can find business decision-makers with extreme accuracy – based on their:

  • role in the company,
  • the length of time in their role,
  • their department growth,
  • department budget,
  • their relationship to other decision-makers, and more.

Few other tools permit such refinement and access to specific tiers of leadership.

Once you have your ideal client dialled in, you can connect and offer value, create relationships and persuade the committee.

It’s like a 24/7 conference event for networking and authority building.

If you would like to secure inbound leads via LinkedIn and build your network then simply reach out and message me.

We can set up a chat and discuss a road map for you to bring in $10k – $100k clients over the next quarter and set up your pipeline with business for the next year.

The Power of Networking And Authority Building