If you are seeking more clients via the lead generation channel or strategy or asking:

  • How can I use cold email outreach effectively?

  • How can I get clients on Instagram or YouTube?

And if your current networking, lead generation, or outreach methods are not working well and clients are not converting,

A new platform or channel won’t solve the problem.

If you have a low conversion to your service, you have an offer-message problem.

You need to ask yourself –

  • Are you solving a BIG ENOUGH business-related problem? [Usually tied to profitability]
  • Are you solving the RIGHT problem that a business wants to solve right now?
  • Are you being SPECIFIC about how you help a company?
  • Are you able to create tangible business-related RESULTS?

I recently spoke to a strategy consultancy that runs company day workshops at $1500.

They are finding that very few companies were signing up currently and wanted me to advise them on how to use LinkedIn to get more leads.

However, their one-day workshop could not produce tangible results for the company because participants who attended the workshop had to go away and implement the findings over 3, 6, or 12 months.

The consulting company could not measure any results regarding their influence or input because results occurred so long after their input.

As a result, the one-day workshop was not providing value. It was not solving the problem the company needed to solve.

I suggested they create a series of workshops and reporting to track implementation milestones of any strategy created.

One day had to become a package of workshops to ensure momentum and deliverability of objectives and to see tangible business change.

This costs more than a one-day workshop but delivers results in a more tangible way for a company.

And it’s RESULTS that companies care about, not the price or the time frame.

Focus on results and solving painful problems, create happy clients, then focus on traffic sources to fill your funnel.

If you would like help creating a solid offer message for your offer, then click this link to check out a short training on this.

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