If you are an expert in your field – doing your own lead generation and sales development is a grind!!

Being 50% expert and 50% marketeer of your own services is well – challenging.

On one hand, you DESIRE to just talk to warm leads or just close the deals

But on the other hand, you face the NECESSITY of being tied to prospect research lead generation.

We have to constantly market, sell and fill up the pipeline with leads to keep the business going.

How do you spend 8 hrs a day consulting and helping clients and then also:

  • manage an overflowing inbox,
  • research new prospects
  • outreach to new leads, call them, email them,
  • follow up leads and do sales admin
  • attend meetings
  • design and set up new campaigns
  • manage email deliverability and domain health and spam traps
  • stay up to date with LinkedIn updates
  • learn new and innovative methods to stay relevant

It very quickly gets out of hand !!

But new lead generation is the lifeblood of business and the wind in our sails.

If you are a B2B consultancy or agency, who have already a proven offer worth$10k or $100k and higher and have paying clients who get great results.

Typically you get clients via word of mouth or referral and have not enough consistent, predictable lead flow of new B2B conversations to fill up your pipeline.

OR you get clients via SEO, paid ads or content marketing but have no efficient cold outreach methods in place

OR you have tried LinkedIn or cold email outreach and you have not been able to systemize or automate this process efficiently.

And it just takes up too much of your time and your sales reps time.

Then consider this – we are experts at data research, data validation, cold email campaign design, cold email sending, LinkedIn message sequencing and follow up.

We can take out nearly 70% of the work required by your sales reps to generate new business and allow you all to focus on taking new business meetings, following up with the warm leads, submitting proposals and closing deals.

If this describes you then message me for more information and we can get on a short call and discover how we can help you.

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