If you are busy generating leads for your consulting business using LinkedIn and cold email you will quickly learn ….. it’s time-consuming.

There is prospect research, list building, email validation, adding contacts on LinkedIn, sending messages, replying to messages, and following up with prospects.

Not to mention testing different messages to different decision makers to get the best results.

It’s natural to think of adding team members who can handle these tasks – whether it’s a marketing or sales representative or a virtual assistant.

Growing your team can massively save you time as the CEO and founder to outsource repetitive work to an assistant

However, hiring a team member is no mean feat.

How do you know who is a quality candidate?

How do you manage a team remotely if they are virtually working?

What if you train and invest in them and they leave, then you have to start again from scratch?

What if they just drain your time with questions or deliver work that is sub-par?

Because of these challenges facing consultants and B2B agencies, we have launched a done-for-you service where WE MANAGE YOUR outreach for you.

We have qualified team members who can deliver very specific tasks such as B2B prospect research, data validation, and campaign preparation,

We have standard operating procedures [SOPs] which enable them to send and reply to emails and LinkedIn messages, booking calls in your diary each week.

As part of our service, we handle everything about your campaigns up until a booked call.

We provide tracking, reports, and KPIs

We work with you on campaign strategy, scripts, and targets so you can have full visibility of the campaign progress

It also allows you to be fully hands-free and focus on handling clients, taking sales calls, and growing your business.

If you are interested in a fully done-for-you service for B2B cold outreach using LinkedIn and cold email then DM me below and we can have a conversation.

Want To Hire A Team? Let Us Do It For You