If you’re an expert, author, consultant, or service provider you probably hate lead generation.

Hate cold calling.

Hate pitching yourself.

Unless you’re an extrovert, it does not sit well with you to spruik about your services, showing your face on every social platform.

You’re not like the gurus who seem to shout or boast or talk quickly, hyping up an audience.

It’s far better to just have a conversation with a prospect and talk intelligently to them about their business challenges.

Given this opportunity you could close 60% or more of your conversations into business – is that right?

Well never fear.

If you don’t like lead gen then using LinkedIn for business development is just for you.

The reason I say this is because B2B sales and indeed any high ticket sales are about relevance and distinction.

By this I mean it’s less about perceived fame, followers, or popularity. It’s less about hyperconfidence, positivity, and fast-talking.

Intelligent, busy people and companies looking for a solution want to speak to an expert who creates results for businesses like theirs.

92% of b2b prospects will speak to someone they perceive to have authority and thought leadership in their sector.

60% of the buying decision is done before the first meeting as prospects will look for a solution that is trusted and reputable.

So if you hate lead gen, how do you raise your authority, thought leadership, trust, and reputation in the market?

LinkedIn is the platform for B2B networking and lead generation because of the sheer volume of business decision-makers accessible via basic search functions.

The first step is to grow your network.

Just adding the right people to your network alone is a great step towards growing your reach.

The second step is to share value.

By this, I mean sharing insights into the problems your network faces that you uniquely solve.

Show how you address these problems with your distinct solution.

No hype, no bragging. Simply take the time to show your relevance to the network you are building.

People have problems that need solving. Think of it as your obligation to help them find the best solution for them.

The third step is to give direct invitations to your network to engage with you.

Invite them to a free masterclass, roundtable, or 1to1 consultation.

And I mean invite them via a direct message they cannot miss.

Don’t wait for them to reach out to you but give them the opportunity to engage with you directly.

A direct invitation to a more specific piece of value can deepen a relationship and give you valuable information about your prospect and even whether they would be a good client for you or not.

These three simple steps entail little in the way of what you might cringe about with selling – cold calling, pitching, larger-than-life presentations, and motivational speaking.

Instead, grow your network, add value, and give direct invitations to engage.

This simple process is responsible for thousands of dollars of business won on LinkedIn daily.

If you would like to build a high ticket lead generation system using LinkedIn then comment below and we can discuss.

Why LinkedIn Is Perfect If You Hate Selling Jen Bishop consulting best lead generation agency