I speak to many business owners who want to get more clients.

That’s what I do – I help them to generate more leads !!

In many cases, I hear this:

Marketers always want me to niche down. They want me to cut out a whole bunch of the people I help and get super specific about what I do. And I just don’t want to do that. I like helping a broad array of people with a range of challenges and I just don’t feel comfortable cutting a bunch of people out and saying I do any one thing exclusively.

My response to them is simple –

How’s that working for you?

More often than not it’s not great.

  • Marketing yourself is a grind.
  • It’s hard to generate leads,
  • It’s hard to articulate what you do in terms that make sense to others.
  • It’s hard to encapsulate the wide array of your services and the benefits to diverse groups

YOU feel clear about what you do – and you feel you can articulate it to people when you get them in front of you,

But generating leads with people who are qualified is hard

The truth is that businesses that REALLY thrive get SUPER specific about the type of value they create

They find out the 20% of people who get 80% of the results and they focus on finding more of them

They cut out a bunch of extras, bonuses, good things, and peripheral services to focus on the core.

The result of this is that everything flows more easily

  • It’s easier to find a very specific group of people
  • It’s easier to speak to them in ways they understand and by this, I mean in emotional terms according to their struggles and difficulties or goals
  • It’s easier to talk about the results and benefits and outcomes that are specific to them
  • It’s easier to outline your methodology and how you can move them from where they are now to where they want to be

In brief, it makes selling so much easier

  • Not to mention, It’s easier to get results for these clients quicker and quicker
  • It’s easier to charge higher prices for these results because your service becomes very bespoke in its solution
  • And it’s easier to scale your business because you simply repeat this process again and again creating massive value for a very specific demographic

Getting clear on your niche and offer is just one thing I do with my clients as part of my 3-month LinkedIn and email strategy workshop.

We also work on:

  • Targeting your ideal client, in very specific terms
  • Crafting your offer message and outreach messages in ways that open up conversations
  • Creating outbound campaigns across LinkedIn and email so we do not miss anyone
  • Launching outbound cold message campaign across two channels in a systematic way
  • Monitoring these campaigns for KPIs and adjusting them or optimal performance
  • Automating and systemising this process to create a smooth process
  • Training and installing a VA or team member to deliver your outbound campaigns for you

If you are interested in getting super-specific about your offer, improving your lead flow and filling up your pipeline with leads ready to buy from you, charging higher prices, and scaling your business, then comment below and we can set up a chat.

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