Every prospect that says yes to a conversation with you is teaching you about messaging that works is does not work.

Every conversation in which a prospect raises an objection, a question, or suspicion is teaching you about what is going on in their world.

Every prospect who says yes to working with you then disappears and never pays, is teaching you about something going on in your market.

Every presentation you give that elicits questions or yawns, is teaching you about what your market wants and needs to know.

Every prospect that chooses your competitor over you, is teaching you about solutions that are resonating.

Every client you serve who struggles to get results OR every client who gets results super easily is teaching you about how solutions are working for your target audience.

Every ad you create, every sales call you are on, and every case study or testimonial you record is teaching you about your market.

If you take all this feedback and channel it into creating a better offer, a better message, and a better solution, then your business will truly grow.

You never really ever stop creating your offer.

You’re only making it better.

Why You Are Always Creating Your Offer  | Jen Bishop consulting best lead generation agency in London UK