You may fear that giving information away for free online is not good for your business.

People won’t pay for your advice or services if they have the information for free.

Or your competitors might take your IP and use it themselves, thus undermining you.

However, sharing your knowledge and expertise openly is great for your business for several reasons.

First, the information exists already somewhere online for free. If it doesn’t exist online, it will exist in a book somewhere.

It’s not the lack of information that your clients face but the overwhelming challenge of applying this information coherently.

They need someone who can help them organize the information and apply it, and this is where you come in.

Second, by sharing knowledge and expertise you build your authority and brand presence as someone who can consistently solve problems.

Competitors can imitate your content and solutions, but only your years of experience and thorough knowledge can create consistent solutions the way you can.

Third, by sharing openly, you remove any confusion, obscurity, or doubt in your prospect’s mind that a solution is even possible.

Through copious case studies, you can show evidence of results achieved by other similar clients and therefore remove objections to the sale at the outset.

Ultimately it comes down to the three reasons why people pay for consultants and service providers:

1. Inability to get there on their own

2. Desire to get there faster

3. Desire to follow a proven system, map, or advice from somebody who has done it

Showing what you do, how you solve problems, and what results you create removes friction and opens the conversation for sale.

Clarity and confidence inspire trust. And business moves at the speed of trust.

Check out this video for more on this topic

Why You Should Give Away Your Knowledge For Free