I used to suffer from a scarcity mindset.

I struggled to believe that anyone would pay me for my services.

I enjoyed reaching out and meeting strangers but hated moving the conversation to a pitch or offer.

I was nervous about stating my price.

When shifted my view to understand my total addressable market, I was able to reverse this scarcity mindset.

This was not via a woo-woo meditation, vision boarding, prayer, or declaring my intentions aloud.

It was simply via gaining perspective.

When I learned that on LinkedIn alone there were 600 million users and 250 million of them are active monthly, I gained perspective of the sheer volume of contacts at my fingertips.

Even if only 0.1% of these users represent companies I could help, that is still 250,000 monthly active users on LinkedIn.

And even if only 4% of them are ready to buy now, that leaves 10,000 monthly active users!

This leaves a total addressable market that is larger than I could help in 100 years.

When I also acknowledged that for the right clients, my services could unlock between $10k to $100k of revenue per deal, I realised that my price was proportional to the value I created.

Getting perspective of my total addressable market helped me to beat the scarcity mindset and get over my fear of cold prospecting, making an offer, or stating my price.

If you would like to understand your total addressable market and how to find them and target them with your offer, then reply to this message and we can set up a call.

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